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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Trip To The Lost World Of Tambun...

On the 25th of November, I went to Ipoh on a school trip. We made a pit stop at R&R Sungai Perak for breakfast and went straight to the Lost World Of Tambun after that.

We played in the water park and the bad thing is that I got sunburned again =(. But I really enjoyed myself there =).

At about 4.00pm, we stopped at Kinta City Jusco and I bought two books, some Famous Amos chocolate chip with pecan nut cookies, some Famous Amos marshmallows and other stuff. After a short stop at R&R Sungai Perak, we headed back to SMK Convent, Taiping and I went home right after that. Its quite a nice trip despite me getting sunburned...

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Visited Maxwell Hill For The 3rd Time...

Jocelyn, Sharon, Anmool, Wee Wen and I once again became facilitators for the students and teachers of Pendidikan Khas, Zon Bukit Cina, Melaka in their trip to Maxwell Hill =). All of us walked up to Checkpoint 2 with Pak Ngah Jungle and hailed a jeep there. We made a pit stop at the Tea Garden and made friends with some American tourists there who came to Malaysia for a students exchange program under the Rotary Club. Then, we sat on the jeep again and reached Pusat Biodiversiti Bukit Larut a.k.a. Tulip Garden. There were surprisingly no tulips but there were cucumbers, strawberries and other unrecognized vegetables there. We went back by jeep and Abang Sabree treat us with some fried kuey teow at Doli =).

It was a really fun trip and I hope I would get the chance to go to the top of Maxwell Hill some day...

Thanks Again, Wee Wen =)

On the 22nd of November, Jocelyn, Sharon, Anmool, Wee Wen and I became facilitators for the students and teachers from Pendidikan Khas, Zon Bukit Cina, Melaka in their trip to Zoo Taiping.

We sat in the tram which took us around the zoo. Then, we distributed ice-cream to the students and teachers at the Zoo Central and had some ourselves =). At about 2.00pm, we had our lunch at the zoo's cafeteria and went for a walk around Lake Garden.

We sat on the ferry around the lake together with the students and teachers. After they went back to their chalet, we headed to the boats with Abang Rizal. I sat with Wee Wen, Jocelyn sat with Sharon and Anmool sat with Abang Rizal. It was so fun 'cause we keep colliding with their boats on purpose =P. In the evening, we went into Flemington Hotel to see the Sky Bar there =).

There was also an awesome view of Lake Garden from there. I seriously hope that we could do this again some other day =).

Monday, 14 November 2011

Prefect's Dinner in Legend Inn Hotel...

On the 3rd of November, SMK Convent, Taiping's prefectorial board had a gathering in Legend Inn Hotel and the event started at about 8pm and ended at about 11pm. After the arrival of Puan Rahimah, there was a powerpoint presentation with lots of pictures of prefects =).

The theme for the dinner is classic traditional so everyone were wearing baju kurungs, baju Melayu, cheong sams, Punjabi suits and there was this girl who wore a kimono since her mom's a Japanese!

We had dinner, games, performances and lucky draws. I played the piano as my performance and I got lucky draw again this year! Last year I got a cute bottle with a ship in it as a lucky draw present and this year I got a small decoration with dolphins on it =). My friend, Tharishine, lend me her keyboard for me to perform so I would like to say thank you to her =). It was a nice gathering but I hope that the prefect's dinner next year will be at a bigger hall like SSL Traders Hotel instead of the small Legend Inn Hotel's hall...

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Aunty Suney Sent Us Some Photos From Canada =)

Aunty sent us some photos through MSN! It is so nice to see Uncle Mikki, Aunty Suney, Haan Searn and Jynn Yenn in the photos =).

Jynn Yenn and Aunty look so pretty!

Haan Searn seems to have lots of friends there and Uncle Mikki looks happy!

Seeing them smiling in the photos, I could tell that they are having a great time living in Canada. Remember to come back as soon as you can 'cause everyone in Malaysia miss you guys =)

Thanks A Million, Wee Wen!!!

If my friend, Wong Wee Wen, did not drag me to this camp, I would have missed the whole adventure!!!

The nature society of my school organized this camp called 5R project in Teratak Afrina Chalet Homestay on the 11th to 13th of November.

By the way, 5R stands for Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Rethink and Respect. On the first day, the other campers left at 6.45 am but since there were 4 more empty spaces, Wee Wen, Aniza, Syarifah and I decided to go there and we reached the chalet at about 7 pm. At night after dinner, all the groups were doing presentations about Convent Taiping Green Team. The next morning was kind of a bummer for we were supposed to do some stream sampling at Sungai Bubu but it rained =( so we had a nature talk on biodiversity instead by a herpetologist, Doctor Norhayati Ahmad from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Anyway, Wee Wen and I played with her cute 10-year-old daughter, Nisya =). Then, we had a talk on bats by Cik Juliana Senawi from Insitut Alam Sekitar dan Pembangunan (LESTARI) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Bangi, Selangor. In the evening, we had a nature game in a herb garden and to get to the herb garden, we had to cross Sungai Bubu using a really unsteady, small bridge and a rope to hold on to. It was kinda scary but it was an awesome experience =). After our visit to the herb garden, we got back using another way through the jungle so we were practically jungle trekking. However, we still had to cross the small bridge and this time without the rope so you can guess that some of the campers fell down into the river. Luckily, they set up the rope again later so we got to cross the bridge without falling =). At night, we had many nice games and all the groups had to perform. It was really fun and my group sang a nature song using the tune of the Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa song =)! On the third day of camp, we had the best time ever! We visited Gua Kelawar and we did a lot of climbing and descending  to get there and to get through the cave. There are a lot of bats there.

Then, we had to pass a river to get back and most of us got wet after splashing each other so I guess I could call it a SPLASHING experience! When we got back to the chalet, they allowed us to swim in the chalet's swimming pool =). It was a really adventurous camp and I hope I'll get the opportunity to join more camps like this again next year =)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mr Eric Chong Came To SMK Convent, Taiping =)

On the 11th of November, Mr Eric Chong presented an English Power Seminar in the Form 5 block of our school.

He is the founder of Erican Education group and currently the managing director.

It was very interesting and kinda funny when he was describing about the peacock, stealing someone's heart and many more. It was not a boring seminar so thumbs up, Mr Chong =)

Thursday, 10 November 2011


SMK Convent, Taiping have just become champions for the choir competition in the state level! =D The competition was held in Virgo Batik Resort in Lumut, Perak on the 9th and 10th of November.

When they announced that the runner-ups were SMJK(C) Sam Tet, all of us jumped up and down and screamed happily for we knew that we will be the champions!

It was so awesome and when we told Puan Rahimah, our principal, about it, she was so happy =) I'm so glad we won. All thanks to Mei Mei, Mr Yim and Puan Siti for helping us =D. Plus, I got to visit Teluk Batik Beach for the first time =)